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AM Design



AM Design specialises in providing planning and design to the hospitality sector with a focus on heritage, restoration and traditional pub design. Projects include hospitality, retail and mixed-use commercial developments. Shopfronts, facades, bespoke timber features and furniture are also much favoured projects.


Founded in 1994 by Angela Murphy, AM Design specialises in planning and interior design services to the hospitality and commercial sectors.  Working with a domestic (Ireland) and international (Europe, North America, Asia) client base, Angela and her team provide authentic Irish and traditional designs for publicans, hoteliers, commercial businesses and home owners.  The team is known for their specialist work on traditional and heritage style buildings that maximise ROI for our clients by developing the properties for contemporary use that include mixed commercial, retail and residential projects.


The team is an advocate of circular design.  The design thinking approach that underpins this process allows you to explore new ways to create sustainable, resilient and long-lasting commercial value through the re-use (and re-purposing) of existing materials and buildings.  With the growing consumer demand for green and circular design this gives our clients a unique competitive advantage and positive brand message.  Our goal is to showcase the charm and diversity that traditional buildings, pub and hospitality design has to offer.  Whether it’s in the hospitality, leisure & entertainment industry, a working space or living space we design with excellence in mind. 


Working with our clients, we take the layout of the building and ensure that we unlock potential to maximise the commercial use of the building. We do this by ensuring we understand the stakeholders’ interests and our client's needs and then matching those to the target market. Over the years we have done this for corporate entities, SME clients and family run businesses. Whether you are considering purchasing a premises or repurposing an existing one, we have the experience to help you achieve your goals. 


Angela is a specialist in in heritage design and restoration with her work having featured in Turtle Bunbury’s ‘The Irish Pub’.  As a result many of our projects involve the development of historical buildings and heritage interiors including for the Tourism industry.  We take time to research and this results in an authentic interior design with rich cultural details, using genuine materials, fittings and bric-a-brac.  We keep extensive stocks of salvaged materials, timber fittings, memorabilia and bric-a-brac.


Our team includes a highly-skilled workforce experienced in working with both old and new timbers (and materials), to restore existing buildings and interiors to modern standards.  We work with specialist crafts people including joineries, building contractors and specialist trades.  This allows us to do what we love to do; to work with the owners and custodians of many old, more unusual and heritage buildings.  



Each project is unique but every one follows a process. We work from an initial brief with our clients that includes the process of a building and locations survey, review of market development potential, through to the design process. This is followed by implementation of the design, building works, renovation and fit-out, all the way through to final completion.  We are passionate about achieving the best for each development and take great pride in seeing our clients success with many of our projects having appeared in films, books, calendars, advertising campaigns, postcards, etc. 


​​​"Good design is a key factor to the ambiance and success of a premises. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and providing successful design solutions that stand the test of time. "





Tús maith leath na h-oibre. 

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