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Angela Murphy
Interior Designer, Furniture Designer.

MA - Master of Arts, Professional Design Practice

TU Dublin


Adv.Dip.Environmental Design

Furniture Design, Interior Design

College of Marketing & Design/TU Dublin


As the founder of AM Design in 1994, Angela Murphy has specialised in commercial and hospitality interior design since the 1990’s.  Her innovative designs create spaces for our clients that are as efficient to work in as they are beautiful.  Angela ensures everything is considered for your space to thrive commercially.  She spends time understanding our clients challenges, needs and goals before bringing their vision to life both in the domestic (Irish) and international markets (including Europe, North America and Asia).  Her work has been recognised by her peers and she is a regular speaker at industry events.


Angela is best known for her interior design work involving traditional pub design and historical building restoration, with some of her work having featured in Turtle Bunbury’s book series ‘The Irish Pub’.  She has been an advocate of circular design all of her working life.  The design thinking approach that underpins this process allows you to explore new ways to create sustainable, resilient and long-lasting value through the re-use (and re-purposing) of existing materials.  One of the best known projects in this space is the Guinness Irish Pub development project which brought the Irish Pub concept around the world.  With the growing consumer demand for green and circular design this gives our clients a unique competitive advantage and positive brand message.   


Other well-known brands Angela has worked with include the Kilkenny Design Workshops in Kilkenny where she worked on furniture and interior design projects.  She has worked with Roberts Weaver International Design in London – this involved doing detailed design work for high-end International Dealing Room projects for banks and Gustav Sauter Architects in Killarney (and Wicklow) working on corporate office suites, hotel design and castle renovations.  Angela has also designed two fit out projects for Irish Shipping.  Such is her attention to detail that she has travelled extensively throughout Ireland, documenting historical buildings, design details, heritage interiors and traditional shopfronts thus ensuring every detail of AM Design future designs are accurately informed. 


Some clients may come with one premises however Angela’s experience enables her to design combined heritage and multi-use projects within the one space to maximise ROI, resulting in one premises becoming several.  This is particularly beneficial to the Tourism sector as the setting can combine a traditional pub, or hospitality area - with other adjacent buildings for mixed use i.e. retail, commercial and residential. This expansion of new buildings often funds the restoration of the anchor buildings – the older or heritage buildings.  This process ensures our clients maximise their return on investment and that the business is sustainable and future proofed.

I enjoy working with clients and buildings, taking projects from start to finish, creating an interior from a blank piece of paper to a building that's jam-packed with people laughing and enjoying themselves and their surroundings,” says Angela, “it’s also really rewarding to return years later and find a place still trading successfully, often with only a fresh coat of paint or the upholstery fabric changed. It’s always my goal to create an investment for our clients that will stand the test of time, a place that will mellow and improve with age and most importantly that it works commercially from both the staffing or service point-of-view and also from the customer’s point-of-view.” 

Member of The Institute of Designers in Ireland 

Member of Irish Georgian Society

Member of Architectural Association of Ireland 

Angie Murphy. Furniture Designer. Interior Designer.
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